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Many a phone call begins with: “I have a little problem…”. This is where it gets interesting as our competence and expertise is required and in the end we are usually able to provide a great solution to satisfy our customer.


The transport chain of a special-purpose machine in the area of wood processing is worn out and needs to be replaced. The manufacturer of the machine is no longer in business; the existing documentation does not contain sufficient information in regards to the transport chain.

Solution: Inspection and on-site measures by F.K.S. staff, replacement of chain and sprockets through a tailored new design, timely delivery on scheduled date.

A conveyor chain for a casting machine is needed. Operating conditions are extreme. Temperatures of up to 200 °C, lots of steam and dirt, sudden chain movements. Stainless steels are not to be used for financial reasons. Chain should preferably have low maintenance requirements.

Solution: Tailored new design of conveyor chain with external, fully sealed track rollers, internal lubrication of moveable chain links, set up of a service schedule.

An existing conveyor system is to transport heavy loads und needs a new drive. Chain measurements cannot be changed but the calculated breaking load is going to almost double.

Solution: Manufacture of a chain made of high-strength materials, breaking load test to verify required breaking strength.

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