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The following pages provide an overview of our product range. Click on any product of interest in order to view the images.

Heat-resistant bush conveyor chain made of material 1.4828


Our 40-page catalogue is available as a PDF download in German as well as English and provides a detailed overview of our designs.

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Drive Chains

Everyone knows one type of drive chain: the bicycle chain. The bicycle chain shows the essential advantages of a chain drive. It is simply, cheap, robust, light weight, resistant and easily cared for.

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Simple roller chain acc. to DIN 8187

Conveyor chains

As the name implies, a conveyor chain is used to transport material. Carriers and attachment points are mounted on the chain that allow for transport of materials or connection of conveying containers.

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Solid pin bush conveyer chain acc. to DIN 8167 with guide rollers and mounting brackets

Load chains

Load chains are designed to move/lift the largest loads whilst featuring the smallest possible dimensions. In contrast to drive and conveyor chains, a load chain does not run around sprockets as a closed strand but is often open, with two ends.

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Special chains

Most technical tasks can be solved by standard chains and their adjustment to the particular conditions. But sometimes it is necessary to build a chain for specific requirements.

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No chain without a matching sprocket. A sprocket has cogs that need to fit perfectly into the gaps between the chain bushes/chain rollers. The calculation of the exact outline of a cog is by no means trivial and primarily depends on the chain to be used but also on ambient conditions in which it is to be used.

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Double sprocket with bearing seat on both sides

Spur gears

Spur gears with standard cogs are manufactured with the same machinery and in a similar way than sprockets. That is why we are pleased to offer spur gears up to module 32, also available made from special material and with hardened cogs.

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Conveyor chains for heavy materials or large scraper chains are subject to substantial wear and tear if they run, steel on steel, in a guide rail. Friction can be significantly reduced with the standard rollers according to DIN 8166. However, that may sometimes not be enough.

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Sometime chains have to fulfil very complex tasks and are fitted with various carriers. Or the chain does not just transfer forces but serves as a bracket for tubes and cables at the same time.

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Deep cells

Often apron conveyors are used for the transport of bulk cargo which basically consist of a conveyor chain with screwed on steel cells. These steel cells are shaped so that they may be smoothly directed round the sprockets and yet not have a gap through which the material to be conveyed may trickle of.

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