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No chain without a matching sprocket. A sprocket has cogs that need to fit perfectly into the gaps between the chain bushes/chain rollers. The calculation of the exact outline of a cog is by no means trivial and primarily depends on the chain to be used but also on ambient conditions in which it is to be used. You can count on the fact that all sprockets delivered by F.K.S. have the optimum cog outline. If expressly requested we also manufacture sprocket cogs according to customer supplied data.

The sprocket is fitted to a shaft on the hub side. This is where the system engineer has to decide on the type and size of the connection and often specifies the tolerances between shaft and sprocket hub. Most often a key connection is chosen but clamping sets, taper-lock bushes or multi-splines are common alternatives. If the deflection point is a fixed axle return sprockets with rolling bearings or sliding bushings are the preferred choice. We are happy to assist with the selection.

Tip: We supply sprockets in any size. The smallest available sprocket has a pitch diameter of 35 mm, the largest available sprocket a pitch diameter of 3200 mm.

Double sprocket with bearing seat on both sides
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