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Special chains

Most technical tasks can be solved by standard chains and their adjustment to the particular conditions. But sometimes it is necessary to build a chain for specific requirements. The operational site may be very hot or the chain comes in contact with aggressive chemicals, a work piece is to be precisely positioned or an extremely heavy load is to be moved. There are many special applications and in many cases the most cost effective solution is a custom-chain. This is where we are happy to help and employ our Know-How to find and suggest a suitable chain upon your request.

Contact us at any time if you require a special chain.

  • Special design of any type of chain according to drawings
  • Heavy transport, conveyor and special chains
  • Oven chains made of heat-resistant material
  • Rivetless chains in standard steel and stainless steel
  • Chains made of rust and acid proof materials
  • Cement mill chains, scraper chains for various materials to be conveyed
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