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Reclaimer Chains in Cement Factories

In the cement plant, the crushed raw material (limestone and clay) is not fed directly into the kiln, but stored on large stockpiles. The quality of the raw materials can be evened out by this intermediate storage.
Bridge scrapers with reclaimer chains are very often used to clear the piles. Scraper blades are mounted between two parallel chain strands, which push the foot of the stockpile towards a conveyor belt. The bridge scraper works its way very slowly through the pile and the trickling material is mixed well.

Kratzerketten im Zementwerk
bridge reclaimer of a round mixing bed

The chains are exposed to high forces and, due to the dusty environment, extreme wear. To minimize friction/drive power, the chain is often fitted with external ball bearing rollers running on guide rails. These rollers are also subject to heavy impacts and heavy wear.

Kratzerketten im Zementwerk
return station of a reclaimer chain

The reclaimer chains, together with the rollers and the associated sprockets, form a complete system that must be manufactured from the best materials and with the highest precision. Unnecessary weak points inevitably lead to increased wear, shorter maintenance intervals and in extreme cases even to system downtime.

We at F. K. S. Fördertechnik GmbH have been familiar with the special requirements of scraper chains for over 30 years and can offer the right chains for all common reclaimer types.

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